Irish Smoked Lamb Stew

Sometimes taking my Hubby shopping is very dangerous. A week ago we went grocery shopping together, a very rare occurrence due to him hating to food shop with me, and as we were in the meat section he spotted a Leg of Lab. Not one of the little tiny pieces, no an entire leg. Thankfully it was on sale but still cost over $30 for it but he was excited and considering that it was 50% off its normal price I had no solid grounds to say no with. So, we ended up with a leg of lamb.

Have a mentioned before that Hubby loves to smoke? If not, well he does! He’s also pretty good at it and does it as frequently as possible. Once we got the leg home we looked at things to do with and of course he was going to smoke it without question but when. As we looked at it we realized that it had yet to be frozen, ever. That posed a problem because frozen and thawed meat isn’t as amazing and fresh so now we needed to act. He went to the internet and found his marinade and rub and went to work smoking it.

It was amazing! But provided us with another challenge, 2 1/2 pounds of left over smoked lamb. Sure no big deal to work with right? Hmmm, no so easy at first look. But, I prevailed and found this amazing Irish Smoke Lamb Stew recipe. Do visit the link as the recipe is perfect the way it is and I want to give credit were it is due!

Yummy Lamb Stew and Cheddar Biscuits

Yummy Lamb Stew and Cheddar Biscuits

My few tips for this recipe are:
1) Make sure you like the flavors of your lamb before tossing it in the stew. The lambs flavor will directly dictate how the stew tastes.

2) I put the whole bottle of beer in because 1) I can’t finish it due to Baby, 2) Hubby doesn’t like beer, and 3) I felt that it need more liquid to make sure all the veggies were in liquid for cooking.

It makes a lot of leftovers for our two person house so great for lunches or a larger family!



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