Last Minute Trip!

I am a lucky girl! I got to go to Annecy France and Geneva Switzerland last minute! Okay, so I had a couple months notice to submit my passport and then only booked my plane ticket a month in advance but for an international trip.. it’s last minute.

So why did I end up going? Because Hubby was going for a work related reason and I had the privilege of tagging along (okay, I flew out a few days later). Yep, that means I flew one way all by myself and went through Geneva customs alone. I also had to catch the bus to my final destination alone. Yes, I know that this isn’t a big deal for most people. For me it kind of was because I don’t travel that far alone… ever. It was simple and easy though so next time (if I have to do it alone next time) won’t be such a nerve wrecking deal.

Old Town Annecy France (where hung out) is gorgeous! The architecture, the shops, the people, all of it is so different from here. Thank goodness I didn’t have my puppies with me and don’t speak the language, otherwise I would have thought about staying. 🙂 The French love their carbs! Bread, sugar, cheese, wine, and chocolate was on every street throught the entire place and you know.. I never once saw an overweight French person. Instead, I saw tons of people

Little town at the foot of the Alps

Little town at the foot of the Alps

walking, biking, running, being active! Also, dogs are so common and readily accepted there! They let them into shops, the street food fair (my Saturday market makes the dogs stay away from the food stalls), they have poop bags and disposal cans on every corner, even when the pups were off leash no one panicked or reacted to it. So unlike the U.S. in those regards. Here if the pup is off leash on a busy street people get grouchy and panic. Also, the hospitality is pleasant and sincere to even a forgiener. I have had the oppurtinities to travel in the U.S. to several tourist attractions (Seattle, Atlanta, the Coast, Disney) and the level of hospitaitly that I recieved in France was far more sincere and pleasant then any I have had in the U.S. (including Disney) and I don’t speak French. I honestly don’t know what else is in Annecy because I spent my time in the Old Town part and that is where I would spend it again if I go back.

Geneva is very different from Annecy. Maybe if I was a shopper Geneva would have been far more interesting to me. I don’t live to shop and when I travel the only shopping I do is food and cute area specific souvenirs. Not handbags, shoes,

The Water Fountain of Geneva

The Water Fountain of Geneva

and clothing. All of which Geneva has an over flow of. Our single full day in Geneva was perfect. We went to the Watch Museum (so amazing to see 100+ years of watches), St Pierre Cathedral (go down to the archeological site underneath it, some really cool history at that site), and just walked around. I also did go into a chocolate shop and buy real chocolates 🙂 Geneva is also very crowded. Granted, it is a big tourist stop, lots of people live and work there, ect but to me that many people crammed into such a small place (granted it wa

s also spring break for a lot of places) took away some of the charm that Geneva has. So go when it’s not vacation periods for the schools and what not. It is worth at least one day of seeing!

We also went to a cute little Ski Resort and Village La Clusaz. Hubby went skiing and I explored the village enjoyed gazing at the French Alps. The Alps in real life are 100% more majestic and amazing then any photo can ever tell you.

The view from the top of on of the lifts

The view from the top of on of the lifts

Even if you don’t ski and have the chance to go get up close to the Alps do! It is worth the drive to see them!

All in all I only spent 4 days in the area and it was perfect. I’m glad that I got to go! No, I probable won’t go back unless it’s for a festival or they make huge changes simple because I have so much more of the World to see and I have seen that area now.



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