2014 Garden

It might be a little early to start planning my 2014 garden but oh well 🙂

This years garden is going to be better planned then last years! This year I am using a planning website that I found last year but didn’t use.

Garden Planning
ros: You can make your own! They also have pre planned gardens available for you to use if you have empty yard to use. I have raised garden beds so not so much an option for me. This website also helps you not over crowded your garden space!

Cons: The only con I can see from using it for my purposes is a lack of vegetables and herbs. They only list the biggest most usually ones and not all possible options.

Companion Panting
Companion Planting color coded
Companion Planting with Pictures
 love these two documents! They worked good for my beginner uses last year and I have done better with my planning this using them. They nice thing about them is that it really does help and there is a science behind these. The science is that some plants consume more of a particular nutrient out of the soil and release a nutrient into the soil and if you plant an opposite plant in the same area together they benefit each other and produce a better yield. Yes, it takes a little work to use the tables together with your garden planning but they higher yield payoff is great!

So this year I am going to plant: 2 tomatoes plants, carrots, onions, garlic, basil, pumpkins, strawberries, lettuce, corn, rosemary, broccoli, and potatoes. Wow, typing that out makes it sound like a lot! Here is what I came up with using the above websites for my planting plots (feel free to copy these if any of them meet your own needs 🙂 ) Each square is equal to a single square foot.

2014 Garden Beds

Just need to figure out when to start my seedlings and to prep my beds for them!



About Tara B.
Hi, I am Tara B. and its great to meet you!! I am an outgoing person with introvert tendencies. I have two amazing dogs that I love and adore! You will hear about them and their adventures a lot :D I also have the most amazing husband! Together he and I have Miss Go Go (you'll also see her referred to as Baby B) that was born in the spring of 2015. She is smart, quick learner, and loves to mimic everything she sees. I love to cook, bake, try to stay healthy, and read. I love to explore my area (and the world when life allows), and seek out fun things to do. You want more information just ask! I am horrible at writing "About You" sections...:) If you have any questions, comments, ect I can be reached at CraftsByTaraB@gmail.com.

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