2 Months later

2 months ago to the day was the car accident.

The last two months have been full of challenges and obstacles! I’m a lucky girl though. Not only did I manage not to brake a bone or even fracture my skull, I have been surrounded by people who love and care for me and want me to get healthy. My Hubby has played the lead role for most of the last two months when it comes to looking out for and watching me and, he’s done a great job at it. He’s shuttled me to Dr’s appointments when I couldn’t drive, gone grocery shopping with me (he hates grocery shopping with me because I don’t do it his way), been my memory stick when my injured brain has forgotten things, and been my shelter when I get over loaded. It doesn’t end there though!

Even at work I have been blessed with people who care. This includes my boss. My boss didn’t even want me to come back till I was ready to come back. That means that he didn’t put any stress on me or my recovery just so he could have me back. Now that I am back, part time at least, my boss has told me in strong words that if I ever get in over my poor brains capabilities that I am allowed to leave. All I need to do is touch base with a couple people and then walk away. This has helped me out immensely! My co-workers also are amazing people and I am lucky to be with them. They made freezable dinners for us so that Hubby didn’t have to cook while I was still way out of it, but when I did go back to work they are there for me and are willing to help me out! I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with!

I’m still not back to 100% though 😦 My body is mostly there. My stupid shoulder is still sore and I only feel it when I do full rotations with it (i.e. play fetch with Shadow) or sleep on it wrong. My brain though is a different story. I don’t think I ever told you guys how badly it got injured… It got so injured in the car wreck that it developed two small bleeders in it and lots of bruising! The bleeders stopped quickly thank goodness!! But, I am dealing with the effects of a badly injured brain and it isn’t easy. Somedays I am almost back to normal, and somedays I rely on my support network more then I like. The Dr’s, Hubby, and my Boss, keep telling me to give it time and take it easy and that is the hardest part. I’m not very good at taking it easy and I don’t realize that I’ve over done till it’s almost to late. But, I’m getting better and each day marks an improvement in at least one area of life.

Thank goodness for the amazing people that surround and support me! Without them I don’t think I would be where I am right now on this path of recovery.

Go thank our supporters and let them know that you do appreciate them and Enjoy the day!


About Tara B.
Hi, I am Tara B. and its great to meet you!! I am an outgoing person with introvert tendencies. I have two amazing dogs that I love and adore! You will hear about them and their adventures a lot :D I also have the most amazing husband! Together he and I have Miss Go Go (you'll also see her referred to as Baby B) that was born in the spring of 2015. She is smart, quick learner, and loves to mimic everything she sees. I love to cook, bake, try to stay healthy, and read. I love to explore my area (and the world when life allows), and seek out fun things to do. You want more information just ask! I am horrible at writing "About You" sections...:) If you have any questions, comments, ect I can be reached at CraftsByTaraB@gmail.com.

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