Bathroom Update

In the last update I mentioned that we were looking at adding several square feet of living space. Well, we finally got the bid back and the rough estimate is about $70,000. The good news is that we wouldn’t be moving my guest bathroom so I can finally finish it up!

At this point in time it is basically done! We got the crown molding up, the new mirror is in place, and everying is painted. The only reamining steps are accesories. I need to find the right sized decal for my faux window; I’m looking at the Effiel Tower but might start looking at Big Ben too. I need to purchase my towel racks and holder, and I need to get the cute clock and vanity items. Otherwise, it’s finally done!

Next room to be redone is my office but i’m going to hold out on that and see what happens with this expansion. Here is a Before and After photo.

Going to replace the mirror with something bigger.

What we started out with

90% Done!!

What we ended with! Just a few odds and ends left to complete 🙂

Almost done!!

I love my new mirror!! Now 3 girls can do hair and makeup at once in this bathroom!!



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