Petslovetoys Review

I said I was going to try another dog box and I have. This box is from

This box is a little less of a mystery box but not fully.  What I mean but that is you still don’t have complete control over what you are getting but you do get to “pick” your box. Sounds complicated but it’s not. What happens is that they send you a notice that your showroom is open and ready for you to come pick your items. You have several options; typically 3 or more boxes to choose from in each category:

  • Option 1) You can have all toys
  • Option 2) You can have a mix of toys and treats
  • Option 3) You can have all treats

Something else I really like is that you can have two dogs (up to 3 really) and 2 different sized boxes to choose from. I picked the small/medium box for Geordi (he’s about 30 lbs or a little less) and a large/xlarge box for Shadow (40 lbs as of a few weeks ago). What is even better though is that the boxes are a little different for each size.  There are some similarities in the galleries between the different sizes but they aren’t the exact same for the most part.

The Box is opened!

For Geordi I pick an all toy box. He loves treats don’t get me wrong but he also loves squeaker toys! He doesn’t rip his toys apart to get to the sqeaker but he will find the perfect way to grab it so he can lay down with the squeaker and squeak it for hours! The only to make him stop is to put him outside. In his box I recieved the following:

  • Kyjen Snake and Gecko

    • These are suppose to keep squeaking even when punctured!
    • You can buy these items off both the Kyjen website, Amazon (~$7 each), and Petco.
    • The are a deep squeak!! I love this the most. Geordi loves to sit and squeak his squeaker toys so a new tone is amazing!
    • They also have big squeakers in them; a large dog (full lab) would have no problem squeaking this.
    • Bright fun colors. This isn’t a huge deal for the dogs but I love not having to look at brown and red.

Kyjen Invincible Toys

For Shadow I picked an all treat box. She likes toys but she doesn’t love them. She will carry them around, sleep with them, gaurd them, but won’t play with them. She does love a good treat though! In her box I received the following:

  • The Red Barn Products-

    • 3 of the 4 products they sent me are made in the US
    • I received 2 filled bones (one rawhide with beefy flavor ~$3 and the other a Muchie Retrieved filled with peanut butter ~$3) as well at 1 Bully Spring stick (made in Paraguay, ~$3) and a Bunco braid (~$8).
    • You can get these items at Amazon and find the brand in both Petsmart and Petco.
    • I have treated my dogs to this brand before but on different items and they have always stuck me as a good product.

RedBarn Products

  • Canine Caviar Products-

    • Smelly natural rawhide bones 🙂 Not a fan of the smell but the dogs are so at least someone wins.
    • The dogs love chewing on these, even if they don’t last very long. Shadow and Geordi aren’t power chewers to stay but they are determined chewers for sure.
    • This brand is readily available in my area; they have a dog food line.
    • You can get a six pack of the buffalo braids on Amazon for about ~$11, Buffalo Flat jerky 3 pc for ~$10, the Buffalo Bully’s are ~$14 for a 7 pack, and the Buffaroo ~$2 ea at
  • Fruitables-

    • These were actually a miss-ship to us that we got to keep. Theses smell amazing! They are crunchy treats which the dogs aren’t a 100% fan of but they like these. I which there was a way to let you smell these treats 😦
    • Ingredients for pumpkin & Cranberry Flavor (the red bag): pumpkin, Organic Oatmeal, Pearled Barley, potatoes, Oat Fiber, Canola Oil, Brown Sugar, Cranberries, Cinnamon, Natural Flavor, Vanilla, and Mixed Tocopherols. All of which they state to have sourced in the US!
    • You can find these at Petco (~$4 each) and Amazon.

Fruitables and Canine Caviar

Let me just recap real quick:

  • Not a mystery box
  • Some control over the products
  • Best for doggies with sensitvities
  • Ships quickly; USPS Priority for free!
  • Best for dog parents that want input
  • Not for those who are looking for complete suprises each month
  • You can purchase left over boxes from previouse months
  • Ability to skip a month if you want
  • AMAZING customer service!!
  • For both my boxes I only paid $45 including shipping 🙂
  • Total estimated cost of the products in the box: $48. Do keep in mind though my numbers do come places like Amazon or other websites and not strictly from Petco or Petsmart. This probable accounts for any discrepancies in the numbers. I’m also cheap so I go to Amazon before I go other places to repurchase a product.

All in all I am happy with my box. The products are good quality, it shipped fast, the customer service is amazing, and I am sure the box is worth more then the number I came up with from my sources.

I just wanted to share with you a box that I have already rejected:

  • Pawalla– They always send out wet food, sometimes they add supplements, there are always treats (soft and crunchy varieties), and a toy. My biggest turn off is the wet food. I don’t feed my puppies wet food unless it’s something special; so I don’t need it. I also don’t give my puppies supplements. I have yet to see a need for them. I also wouldn’t give them to the puppies without talking to my vet; so having them on hand wouldn’t do me any good. Month to Month cost is $29/month and 12-month commitment is $21/month.

There some others out there that am looking into and when (probable not an if 🙂 ) I get them I will share my thoughts and opinions on them.


P.S. I know that this is a late post for this box. The reason being that I had a few items missing from my box that they sent out to me after the fact.


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