Treehouse Adventure Weekend

This last weekend I slept in a Treehouse! Sounds exciting right? So how did end up sleeping a Treehouse? Well let me tell you.

If you have never heard of Treehouse resorts you are really missing out! You get to connect with your inner child but still have all the adult comforts or civilization. I did a little looking and there are treehouse resorts all around the world! China, France, Brazil! Sounds like I need to up date my bucket list! We specifically stayed at the Out n’ About Treehouse Resort in Cave Junction OR. Cave Junction is about 40 minutes west of Grants Pass right on the I-5 corridor in Southern Oregon. Sure, it was a bit of a drive for us to get down there but we got to stop and see my Grandpa on the way down; and the salmon. Anyway, back the adventure.

We went down to Cave Junction Oregon with a large group of people; 6 total, including Hubby and me. We each took our own cars; incase we wanted to sight see different things on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice to have our own car down there. Felt a little less constricted in our movements and abilities to do things. While we were there we also went to the Oregon Caves and on the way home we stopped at Crater Lake. Yes, it was a very busy weekend but a fun one! Let me start with the Treehouse.

The Tree-houses are impressive! There is really no other way to describe them. It’s the grown up version of the backyard version. The one we stayed in was 30 feet off the ground and you had to take 2 catwalk to get to it! Also, this place is not for those with fear of heights and bugs. After about the third time across the catwalk y heart stopped thudding but I never did get comfortable on the catwalk. The house itself was less than 900 square feet and we put 6 people in it! We girls took the big bed and slept in it like you did during junior high sleep overs. It was defiantly cozy! If you an outgoing personality even a little you will really enjoy it. The place isn’t designed so that you sit in your room and do nothing. There is a large fire pit that we sat around and talked to the other people one night and at breakfast you sit in a small area so, it’s hard not to sit with new people and talk. They also offer horse back riding, zip lines, rafting, and some arts and crafts; at additional cost. Everyone was very nice to us and we will be going back at some point.

Treehouse catwalkThe Oregon Caves were good. No one in our group have ever gone there before and we all wanted to see it. The Caves are only about 30 minutes away up a very windy road. There is no parking fee but there is a tour fee that is fairly reasonable ($17/person). If you don’t want to do the tour there are trails that you can hike. Everyone has to be over 42 inches tall and in decent health. You will climb enough stairs to equal a 23 story building. There is also lots of tight passages ways and low ceilings; just things to keep in mind. The interior of the cave is impressive. You will just have to go to see it for yourself I couldn’t do it justice in words. I will say that I won’t make it a repetitive destination. It’s great to see it once but not great enough (to me) to go back time and time again. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see it! You really should!!

The View

Crater Lake is an amazing place. You want to feel how small and powerless against nature you are going to Crater Lake. Once you get to the top (another windy road) the view across the lake and the size of the place is just amazing. Again I can’t describe it to you just need to go. This is a place that I have been many times in my life and still go back. Not for the Geology, I can tell you that story in my sleep, but for the shear impression it leaves you with and the human history surrounding it. This trip was different though, Crater Lake still has snow right now. Granted the snow is only 42% of what is should be, but I have never been to Crater Lake in the snow before so this was a first. It’s still impressive even in the snow and almost more pretty. The white of the snow offsets the blue of the Lake. Yes, we will go back and do some hiking after the snow melts 🙂

Crater LakeAll in all it was a great weekend! The company was good, the locations were good, and the trip was fun; to short but fun. I hope that this trip is only the beginning of our summer fun and not the middle or end. We also stopped at a Cabella’s on the way down and got new hiking boots! They are just crying out to be used 😉

Are you headed anywhere fun this summer??



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2 Responses to Treehouse Adventure Weekend

  1. Hi Tara! We are looking into a similar trip next summer. How far is Crater Lake from the treesort?

    • Tara B. says:

      It took us about 3 hours to get from the treesort to the lake. In summer with more people ands cars it might take longer because it’s all two lane highway thru the mountains.

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