BarkBox review

I spoil my dogs. I bought them a dog mystery box from BarkBox this month and just got it. I have to say that I had overly high expectations apperantly .

April 2013 BarkBox

Etta Says! Freeze Dried Duck Meat Treat

  • Full size bag
  • Treats kind of crumble when you apply pressure to them
  • My two aren’t overly impressed with the first treat
  • Retail price $11.99 on their website, and it is a specialty item (ie not found at the major stores)
  • Made in USA

Etta Says! Dried crunchy Duck chew

  • Full size bar
  • Looks just like a bully stick
  • Retail price ~$1, and it is a specialty item (ie not found at the major stores)
  • Made in USA

Etta Says!

MultiPet Nuts for Knots Rope

  • Yeah another rope!
  • Looks like all the other ropes in the world
  • Retail ~$9, Can’t find on Petco or Petsmart website but I found it on Amazon
  • Made in China


Barkworthies Filled bone

  • Grass fed
  • Looks like every other filled bone on the market
  • Retail ~$7, and it is also a specialty item but I found it on Amazon
  • Made in BrazilBarksworthie bone

ABO Gear GroomMitt

  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Supposed to replace the need for an actual bath
  • Can be bought at Petco
  • Retail $10
  • Made in ChinaABO Gear grooming mitts

Licks Liquid vitamin drink supplement

  • It is in liquid for so can be add to food or given as treat
  • 2  packets included
  • I found them on Amazon but aren’t even available in the PNW
  • Retail ~$2/packet
  • Made in USALicks Vitamin Supplement

Total Retail value ~$43

The box retails for $29/month on a month to month baisis. The more months you promise to purchase the box the cheaper it gets all the way up to just $19/month with a 6 month promise.  In the end it is a good deal for the items, money wise. For the products I received… I would say no. It also did not arrive till the 22nd and was supposedly shipped on the 15th of the month. Even though it is coming from the East Coast this seems to be overly long time to get to my house; and I don’t live in a tiny city in the middle of no where.

The least useful product to me was the rope. The most useful will probable the bath mitts that I toss into the car for quick dog park wipe downs. Everything else is more of a meh. These aren’t products that I would have bought to begin with. However part of the fun is now knowing what you get and trying out new things.  However, these aren’t products that I would probable never buy again after trying them. The only exception would probable be the bath mitts.

Final verdict: You get your moneys worth for the few items you receive, but I won’t be buying it again. There are a couple more that I plan on trying out in the near future and I will post my reviews of them.



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