Raised Flower bed step 2

Now that the wood has been sourced, purchased and brought home it is time to cut and construct!

I am not a great measurement visualizer. To make sure that I got all my pieces at of the boards I drew it out; so not afriad to draw anything out. Once I had all 24 pieces on paper I started the tediouse task of measuring and marking the boards. First though, I had to find one of the measuring tapes; I think we only have 3 in the house. Once it was found I started marking. When you go to mark them try not to place cut lines over knots. I didn’t know this when I started, but the saw does not like to cut through knots; it makes the wood dust smoke it gets so hot. The boards are also heavy! Thankfully I had enought room to just slide them off onto their sides and move to the next board. Cutting them though was a different story.

It took two people to cut them. Not only because they are long boards but because you need that second body, me, to hold it down flat to cut through them. We did get all the boards cut in about an hour or so and moved to the back shed. I was also very proud of myself because all of my pieces were the exact length they need to be; ie not off by so much as an 1/4 inch. Once they were cut we just had to assemble them.

Again, this was a two person job and take longer then the cutting did. With my Hubby using the drill and I squaring the corners; okay as close to square as I could get them. Some boards just did not square up due to the quality of the boards. The boards are utility cedar, which means that they aren’t the greatest boards and have flaws in them. An example would be that they aren’t all recantgular with perfect cuts; some have very rough edges. With them all screwed together it was time to set them out.

Before we placed them in the final locations we layed down weed fabric over the entire area. The plan is to go in and place down pavers and/or gravel between all the boxes at some point. Once the fabric was down we placed the boxes in their eternal position; of course they are as square to each other as I could get them. The entire process to assemble and place only took a few hours in total. We did have a heated discussion about the final placement of the boxes in the middle so it took a little longer on the clock.

Boxes ready to be filled

With them all in place we broke for the day.



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Hi, I am Tara B. and its great to meet you!! I am an outgoing person with introvert tendencies. I have two amazing dogs that I love and adore! You will hear about them and their adventures a lot :D I also have the most amazing husband! Together he and I have Miss Go Go (you'll also see her referred to as Baby B) that was born in the spring of 2015. She is smart, quick learner, and loves to mimic everything she sees. I love to cook, bake, try to stay healthy, and read. I love to explore my area (and the world when life allows), and seek out fun things to do. You want more information just ask! I am horrible at writing "About You" sections...:) If you have any questions, comments, ect I can be reached at CraftsByTaraB@gmail.com.

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