Cheap-ish date events

I am not going to call it date nights. We don’t go at out at night all the much. We do date afternoons or days. My favorite place to find cheap date ideas is groupon, deal chicken, google offers!

Yes, all those places offer great discounts on goods (dog beds, jewelry, ect) but, they also offer discounts outings. Things like distillery tours, wine events, haunted tours, ect. I love shopping for outings at these places! I have gotten distillery tours with souvenir glasses for $20 for two people. I have also gotten wine events for 50%+ off.  I’ve also things like zoo tickets, aquarium tickets, and so on.

Just keep an eye out on these sites for great date time events!  Don’t forget to check to check for local half price sites in your area!



Google Offers

Deal Chicken


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