Gay Marriage and Abortion

Yes people I am going to go there! So hold onto your hates!

The simple version is this-

Gay Marriage- More power to them! I don’t think it is up to masses to pick who can marry whom.

Abortion- No! If you are going to crawl into bed with someone live with the consequences! The only exceptions should ever be health, and rape; to me incest is the same as rape.

How many of you are still reading? Well I hope at least one of you are.

The long version is this-

Gay Marriage- I was raised in a Christian family, or two. After 19 I was left wondering as to what the Christian way to behave was. Anyway, the point is that I understand where the church is coming from. I understand that the Bible says it is wrong. What I don’t understand why people want to stand in the way of love. Sure, its between 2 men or 2 women, but it’s still love. I also don’t think that it is the government’s right, or even a select group on people- Christians- right, to say that Gay marriage is wrong. They pay taxes, defend our borders, help the economy along, and work. Why shouldn’t they be able to marry who ever they want? I get to!

Abortion- It isn’t that I am pro life or pro choice; not even sure if I can tell you what the difference is. What I am though is pro consequences. The consequence of allowing someone’s penis into your vagina and the other way around is the potential outcome of a child; maybe an STD/STI also. You don’t get to say oops that was a mistake, I will just erase this (have an abortion) and start over. We don’t get to go into school and say “I was high when I took the test let me take it again.” If you are going to have sex then deal with the consequences of the act! The only squeeze room in my outlook is the health of the mother and/or baby and rape; I believe that incest is the same as rape. I am going to include Down Syndrome and other genetic/chromosomal diseases in the squeeze room. Hate me if you must, but hear me out. You cannot provide the same life for a special needs child as you can a non special needs child. You can do your absolute best but it is never going to be the same. They just can’t handle the same stimulus or social settings as non-special needs children. Also, what happens to that special needs child when you die or can no longer provide for them? Sure, they can work for GoodWill or some similar system, but who is going to care for them? Yes, this does mean that when we have kids I will abort a special needs child. I don’t see a life for them as being fair in the grand scheme of things.

I know this post was very politically and emotionally charged. If you made it this far, then thank you for hearing me out.



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One Response to Gay Marriage and Abortion

  1. ” What I am though is pro consequences.”

    The problem here is that you are referring to a potential child as a consequence, and ignoring the fact that a pair of idiots who aren’t smart enough to use protection properly aren’t smart enough to raise a kid anywhere close to properly.

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