Mojito, My goto drink

We all have a goto drink. It’s that drink that is a party favorite or a pick me up. In our house it’s the Mojito. In a restaurant, at least for me, it’s the Margarita. We have an established recipe in our house for the Mojito.

The recipes are all the same. You have rum, sugar, club soda, mint, and lime. There are of course variations on the Mojito.

The liquids that make up our Mojito Recipe

The liquids that make up our Mojito Recipe

Some are frozen. Some have extra fruit; I love to add fresh raspberries to mine in the summer. So on and so forth, you can even change the alcohol type. You recipe is very different from the rest. Yes, we still use all the regular stuff, but we add a few things to it also.

Our Recipe (Makes 4 reasonable servings or 2 large servings): *This is the base recipe. We vary it, eye ball it, play with it, and so on just about every time we make it*
18-20 Mint leaves *Those tiny ones at the top (usually 2-3 baby leaves) I count that as I*
1-2 Limes *I’ve also done the recipe with a mix of Meyer Lemons and Limes. It was okay but the Meyer Lemon gets lost in the rest of it. Also, the amount of limes I use depends on the quality (juiciness) of the lime. Also, most recipes call for tossing the ring in, I don’t do it.*
1/4 cup sugar *Use raw sugar and raw sugar alone!*
1/2 cup Margarita Mix
1/4 cup Rose’s Lime Juice
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1/4 cup Orange Curacao
1 cup or less of Club Soda
1 cup Rum *We use Bacardi Limon. You can use any type.*

Procede as usual; muddle mint, lime juice, and sugar together. I like to walk away at this point for a little bit. It lets the lime juice

The Sugar, Limes (Lemons), and Mint

The Sugar, Limes (Lemons), and Mint

to dissolve the sugar a little better. If you can’t walk away that is fine. Hubby likes to go start to finish without pause. Add the

other ingredients, minus Club Soda, into the pitcher. Again, if you can walk away do so; whole melding of flavors and so on. Add ice to your glasses and fill about part way with the Club Soda. A lot of places add the alcohol first then Club Sod. We don’t do it this way. We found that the mixture doesn’t mix well without stirring, which rids the club soda of its

The finished product

The finished product

carbonation. So, we add the Club Soda then pour the alcohol over it.










Enjoy, and Please drink responsible!!


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