Bathroom Redo- Step 2

Ahh bathroom… Well the bathroom is going ever so slowly. Maybe it is just slow to me because I have all the ideas and products in my head.

I mention in my last post that I had pick my main color. It’s a pretty tannish color (Behr Light Incense) that doesn’t have any red undertones to it; yeah! I’ve also picked my trim color (Behr English Channel) and my fabric (Waverly Felicite Blue).

The colors are Behr Light Incense,  Behr English Channel, and the fabric is Waverly Felicity Indigo.

The colors are Behr Light Incense, Behr English Channel, and the fabric is Waverly Felicity Indigo.

This last week we also placed the new light fixture into the bathroom and the ones in the hallway. Hubby also got a new light for his office. Busy beavers right? He keeps asking me when I am going to pick a new light for my office. Honestly, in my office I can care less. It works and I have a stand lamp that I use from time to time also. I do need a new lamp, or move the current one, over by my fabric work space. The overhead light causes a shadow to fall over my workspace when I sit at.

If you  haven’t seen the photos for the bathroom refer to here. If you haven, then you are probable wondering why I need fabric. I am going to make a faux window for the back wall, or possible over the toilet, and planning on curtains for that. I am also thinking about/leaning towards making curtains for the bathtub shower combo. Just to help it look more formal and classy.

I have most of the products picked out in my head for the other things I want to add. A clock for the counter, a towel rack on the wall for clean ready to be used towels, moving current towel racks to a new spot (at least one of them), and so on.

We did get a clock for the kitchen/dinning room. Its pretty interesting. I am not sure if it’s an abstract of the solar system or a representation on an atom. What do you think?

Is it the solar system or an atom?

Is it the solar system or an atom?



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