Cross Stitch

I don’t remember where I learned this craft at. This just proves that I learned in childhood from either my great-grandmother or my grandmother. It doesn’t really matter in the long run either way. Just recently I decided to go back to it.

My main driver was the fact that I wanted a portable craft. Some of you will pipe up and say that Knitting and Crochet are both very portable crafts, which they are. My thing with them is remembering to put the stopper on the needles before tossing them into your bag. With Cross Stitch I don’t have to do that. i just simple place my needle in my fabric and go. To each their own though. I know several knitters and admire their work; it’s just not for me.

Since I haven’t done the craft for some time, I didn’t want to jump into the deep end with a big project. So I made my way to Jo-Ann’s; I had to return some drapery samples anyway. I checked their selection and was disappointed with their beginner stock. From there I went over to Michael’s. They had a much nicer selection and I picked up 3 “Learn A Craft” Kits. One is stamped Cross Stitch. One is counted Cross Stitch. The other one is Crewel Embroidery. I have never done Embroidery ,  but I am pretty open to trying and learning new things.

The kits cost me about $5 at Michaels and come with everything you need in them. This means the hoop, the thread/floss, the fabric with the printed design, the needles, and the directions for it; including how to execute the different stitches. They are also nice and small designs measuring less then six inches across. Reading the pattern is the hardest part of the process, once you have the stitches down.

This is the Embroidery Kit and all it contains.

This is the Embroidery Kit and all it contains.

This is also a pretty Kid friendly craft because the needle you work with is fairly dull on the end. It will still hurt if you poke yourself with it, and if given enough effort will go thru skin.

Cross Stitch is typically done on fabric (aprons, tea towels, ect) but you can also do Cross Stitch on Plastic Canvas. The Plastic Canvas is what typically ornaments, tissue box covers, ect are made with. They have never struck me as clean looking like fabric does. I might eventually play with it but for now I am sticking to fabric.

It really is a nice craft of TV time or waiting on Doctors. Jo-Ann’s does have a nice selection of Cross Stitch items on-line for purchase. You can also Cross Stitch quilting blocks (Jack Dempsey has several cute one’s out there) and turn them into quilts. Once I get comfortable with this craft again I plan on doing that. I also need to finish my current blanket project…



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