NRA iPhone Game

I am laughing extremely hard over the uproar that the new NRA game is receiving. If you haven’t played the new game that was released on Sunday (Jan. 13)  here is a screenshot of it.

Nra Practice Range
Source: Huffington Post.

You DO NOT shoot people. You DO NOT shoot animals. You ONLY shoot paper or clay targets.

If you go into the App Store and search with the term: Shooting, the first result is Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free+. Here is a screen shot for that game.

iPhone Screenshot 1
Source: Apple iTunes store

Which do you think is more violent and should be petitioned for removal?


Links to news stories about the new NRA game:
Huffington Post
Forbes -Go down to the second to last paragraph and open the link to the top 10 first person video games from last year.


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