Pintrest- Glass Bottle Cutting

This has been making the rounds on Pintrest and out of curiosity I decided to try it. This version is the one where you soak the yarn in nail polish remover, tie around your bottle, light it, let it burn for a few seconds, then dunk it in cold water. Seems easy enough right?

Yarn in Nail polish

The supplies you need:

Some yarn
Nail polish remover
A bottle
matches or lighter
Sink or other basin full of cold water

I poured some of the nail polish remover, maybe 2 tsp, into a ramekin and then added my yarn to it. I didn’t measure my yarn but simple eye balled it. I let them soak for a few seconds while I filled my sink with cold water.

Once the yarn had soaked up most of the nail polish remover I tied it around my bottle. I used a glass coke bottle simple because it was at hand. I went around my bottle a couple times with the yarn then tied it off. Once it was tied I lit my match and set the yarn to burn. It will be almost impossible to see it burn. The nail polish burns so hot that its light blue.

Yarn Tied around bottle


Let if burn a few seconds then dunk in cold water. it should break right where your yarn is.Bottle Broken

I say should because I only got my first bottle to break. I tried several times and could not repeat the process.

I will try again some other time but until I can repeat the process I will call this a bust.


If you get it to work please comment on your success and how you go it to work!



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One Response to Pintrest- Glass Bottle Cutting

  1. Jared Carey says:

    Tara, your assessment of the string-burning technique is spot on. There’s no control in the amount of heat because heat rises, and you’d have to keep rotating the bottle on its side to make it work well enough… but now you’ve got a rotating flame and that could be dangerous, too! Do a youtube search on the “cracking off technique” by the Corning Museum of Glass. I tell everyone about it because it seems to work the best. For the larger bottles I cut, it works over 80% of the time with a very straight break around the bottle… only takes a little scratch, a bit of flame, and a lot of rotation… and *pop*! Works great a majority of the time! 🙂 The Corning Museum of Glass’s video illustrates it better than words can describe. Try that instead! 🙂

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