Disney World- Research

I know a lot of people out there have written about their experiences at Disney World and yes, I am going to add mine also. Here is why mine is a little difference though: I planned and executed ours in less then 6 months and for less then $3,000 including airfare, but excluding fun money. Also, it was just me and my Hubby. No kids, no family, no dogs. No one. Just us. Let me begin the process with you. My first comment and suggestion to you as you plan is to stay as flexible as you can. Don’t committee yourself to set dates, resorts, ect until you book it!

Step one is research. Before you make any ultimate decisions research the parks and resorts. My first step was to look at when I wanted to go the park. My favorite “When to visit” guide is Here. It has a nice graph for us visual people but it also talks about the weeks and a little about why. Look at this first if you have a little wiggle room with your dates. If you don’t have any wiggle room  no worries either.  Once you have a few dates that would work best for you check out which resort you want to stay at.

I started with the Disney World resort page, Here. From those pages you can compare resorts, look at prices per night, and see where in the park they are. Also checkout tripadvisor.com and the multitude of Disney discussion forums to see what people are saying about the different resort. My only warning is to read lots of reports! Don’t let one bad report make you dismiss a resort. Look at the overall reports for the resorts and go from there.

It might also be helpful  to look at which park or parks you are going to be visiting more. For example if  you are more interested in the Magic Kingdom then Epoct I would reccomend looking at Disneys Contempary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. All three of these resorts are Deluxe level resorts. This means you are going to pay more, the Contemporary starts at $315/night, for them but they offer different benefits to them. The deluxe resorts typically have room service, fitness centers, meals delivery (different then room service), better dining options in the resort, and they are a little fancier. The other level or places to stay for Moderate, Value, and Campground. These resorts are spread all across the park and not just in specific areas, for the most part.

Now that you have looked at dates and  places you might want to stay at, checkout the Special Offers page at Disney World, Here. They offer some really nice incentives and discounts. The catch is you have to go between certain dates and book by a certain date. This is where being flexible comes in; they don’t post them to far a head of time and they fill up fast.

Don’t forget to look at the Disney Dining Plans, Here. Some people will say they aren’t worth it, some people will say they are. They Magic Your Way Package (MYWP) that everyone gets when making the reservation is just “fluf” stuff; the luggage tag, discount vouchers, ect. The meal plans include the MYWP plus some sort of dining option. The lowest plan includes 2 counter meals, one snack, and the refill mug. From there it goes up to include table services, and more snacks. The Premium Dining Package includes the Cirque du Soleii show, preferred firework seating, theme park tours, and unlimited access to some other things.

Now that the researching is done we can move on to Planning and Reservations.


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