Hot Dog Buns and Stuffed Hot Dogs

So Mr. B. asked for hot dogs for dinner. Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed hot dogs to be specific. My first impression of the idea was yuck! Its sounds fatty, unhealthy, and a complete waste of good bacon! But I agreed to make them because Mr. B doesn’t ask for a specific meal very often. So I started to gather together the ingredients I would need. As I gathered them together I realized I didn’t have hot dog buns. You cannot have hot dogs without hot dog buns, according to Mr. B. So I had a choice to make buy them or make them? I decided to try making them.

After some scouring my cookbooks I found that I did not have a hot dog bun recipe. I have two bread books that didn’t have a hot dog bun recipe! So I went to my second reacher method…the Internet. I typed in my quarry and found several recipes for hot dog buns. After looking at each one I settled on one. So I set about making them. The recipe came together just fine without any hiccups. I did substitute regular yeast for instant yeast and I substituted 1-cup whole flout for one cup of flour; but it didn’t affect the outcome any. My mistake occurred in my baking method.

My little Pacific Northwest is the grips of heat wave. Which for most people wouldn’t be a problem at all and life goes on normal with their AC unit. My house on the other hand doesn’t have an AC unit; which I am fine with because my electric/gas bill is lower. So I decided to bake them on the charcoal side of my giant grill. Now understand that I don’t have any grilling background except for watching Mr. B grill. The grilling and the grill are all Mr. B’s territory. My biggest investment in it is the fact that I bought it for him as a Christmas present.

So I get the charcoal lit and going just fine. I waited till they were all white hot then dumped them into the grill. I closed the lid and waited for the thermometer to tell me that the internal temp was 400 degrees (the baking temp of the bread). I placed the pan with the bread on the grill, closed, and set two timers. One timer was for the total time and one was a reminder to check the bread. I checked the bread less then 10 minutes into its 40-minute baking time and it was burned! The bottoms where all black and the top was still dough. So I pulled them off the grill, closed it, and went to the store to pick up buns.

When Mr. B came home I explained what I had tried and he made suggestions for the next time I tried it. His recommendation was that I do it one the top rack of the gas side or that I drop the charcoal holder all the way to the bottom of that side to increase the distance between the heat and the pan.; so next time I will try those methods but with his supervision. We have had great success with pizza dough and Nan on the grill.

The bacon wrapped cheese stuffed hot dogs though weren’t has horrible as they sounded. The mixes of flavors were good. I think next time that we do them, which won’t be for a while; I would also substitute sharp cheddar for regular cheddar cheese. And they are fatty, unhealthy, and not a complete waste of good bacon.

So lesson learned from this experience: don’t use the grill for new things unless being supervised by a more experienced griller or till further trained in the art of grilling. 😀

The recipes I used can be found at these sites:



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One Response to Hot Dog Buns and Stuffed Hot Dogs

  1. Fun to read your adventure with baking buns on the grill. Glad you enjoyed the dogs enough to make them again.

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